Oialla is Pure, Wild and Organic

 Oialla chocolate is an organic Danish award-winning chocolate, made from wild beans. The cocoa trees grow in Mid and South America the Amazon area. Oialla is chocolate in the purest imaginable kind of chocolate and we control the entire process from bean to bar. Our chocolates are recognized by professional chefs at some of the best restaurants around the world.

Our products are all purely organic and made without any additives.
Our organic bean-to-bar chocolate is available in four different varieties: 46%, 72%, 78%, 92% and 100%. The dark chocolates are made of organic cocoa and sugar - nothing else. The milk chocolate contains organic cocoa, sugar and organic whole milk.
Below you will find the shops and restaurants already cooporating with Oialla. 
If you are interested in placing a business order, please email us at: oialla@oialla.com.