Book: Sans for Chokolade

Book: Sans for Chokolade

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The book "Sense of Chocolate" by Rasmus Bo Bojesen

Rasmus Bo Bojesen gained a sense of chocolate when he was trained many years ago in Monsieur Bernachon's small chocolate workshop in France. I think that the bog brings him a number of his very best recipes for drinks, cakes, desserts, and is confectionery as well as chocolate used in the salty kitchen. Many are straightforward - some present challenges.
The book provides both an insight into the noble art of chocolate making, expert guidance in handling chocolate in the kitchen and 58 exciting recipes with chocolate. The recipes range from cakes, desserts, pastries, cold and hot drinks, confectionery and delicious wildcards like Chocolate-caramel nut butter and chili sauce with chocolate to the salty kitchen.

Winner of the world's best chocolate book - Gourmand 2011

Indbundet, 192 sider
ISBN 9788770558501
Forlag: People's Press
1. udgave 2. oplag
Udgivelsesår: 2010